CATCH LOC Developers


Installation and Getting Started

Adding the framework ( Download)

            Save the downloaded file to a desired path and extract it.

            Once extracted, you will find the CatchLocSDKForAPI.framework folder.

            Drag CatchLocSDKForAPI.framework to the Frameworks folder of the project you want to add,
             Check Copy items if needed in the Destination option.
            After adding the framework, go to TARGETS> General> Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content.
             Just select Embed & Sign.

Create instance and initialize

            API initialization can be done by AppDelegate(AppDelegate.swift) or
             You can set API_KEY and SERVER_KEY before using API.

            import CatchLocSDKForAPI (common)


Processing results (example)

            CatchLocAPI.shared.getLastData(memberkey: [MEMBER_KEY]) { result in

                Data can be parsed in the form of json objects or strings.

                - json object
                let jsonData = result.response

                - json string
                let jsonStr = result.description()

                If result fails or an error occurs, check FAIL in result.result value,
                 Please review result.reason.